Q: What is a charter school?

A:  Charter schools are tuition free public schools which receives government funding for each student at the same rate that other public schools do. Charter schools, however, most often have a rent or mortgage payment, whereas most public schools do not, thus the per student allotment, in actuality, is significantly less. Each charter school has its particular “niche” and specific focus. For Livingston Classical Academy, our focus is to make available a classical liberal arts curriculum.  Each charter school must have an authorizing entity (usually public university or school district).  In exchange for overseeing the charter school, the authorizing entity receives a small portion of the per- student funding from the state.  Whitmore Lake is our authorizing entity.

Q: What is the blended-cyber component?

A: Students at Livingston Classical Academy must travel to the building each day where the majority of learning will take place in a traditional school setting. Each student will also participate in supplementary online learning which will give parents control and supervision over sensitive parts of their child’s education at home (like Health class).

Q:  How long will you be located in Whitmore Lake?

A:  We will be in Whitmore Lake at least through the 2018-2019 school year. The board is actively pursuing a long-term location and will make that information available just as soon as they can. As we consider the long-term location, the needs of our currently enrolled families will be of utmost importance.

Q: How are you currently sharing your building with another school?

A: Our temporary building is quite large, and although we will be sharing it with another school, the students will be located in separate wings with separate bathrooms during the day. Drop off and pick up times will be separate in order to ease congestion in the parking lot.

Q: What grades will you offer?

A: Right now, we offer grades K-10.  We will add one grade level, each subsequent year, until we offer K-12.

Q: Will your teachers be certified?

A: Yes, as with all Michigan public schools, our teachers will be certified in their grade or subject by the State of Michigan.   In addition, each of our teachers will receive regular training from Hillsdale College.

Q: Will you participate in state run student testing?

A: Yes, as a public school, we will comply with all state requirements for student testing.

Q: How much homework will students receive?

A:  Homework will vary by student, but most students will have about 10 minutes of homework (for every year of their grade) in addition to 30 minutes of reading.  This means that a 2nd grader should expect to average 20 minutes of homework each night plus 30 minutes of reading and a 9th grader should expect to have 90 minutes of homework plus 30 minutes of reading.

 Q: Will the students get recess?

A: Yes, although our program is rigorous, we also understand the need for children to be active.  Care is taken to balance physical activity and academic rigor.

Q: Will you require uniforms?

A: Yes, all students will be required to follow the dress code and wear uniforms with our logo patch on the shirts.  Any family that qualifies for free lunch under the federal lunch program will have uniforms provided to them free of charge. To view our dress code click here.

Q:  Will you offer hot lunches?

A: We do not offer a daily hot lunch program, however, we do offer Taco Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays.

Q:  Will you have sports teams?

A:  Yes, we will offer sports and other extra-curricular activities, based on student interest.

Q:  Will you teach religion?

A:  No, we are not a religiously affiliated school, and as a public school, we are not legally allowed to teach religion.

Q:  Will you offer bussing?

A:  We will not be providing bus service, but have set up a private Facebook page for LCA parents where carpooling can be arranged.  Parents may also choose to arrange transportation with L.E.T.S. for a minimal charge if there is enough interest.

Q:  Will you offer before and after school care?

A:  Yes, we have both before and after school care available in our building through the WLPS Kids Club from 6AM to 6PM.(For more information click here)

Q: Where will you get your curriculum?

A: Livingston Classical Academy will use a curriculum developed by Hillsdale College under the Hillsdale Barney Charter School Initiative. We are proud to have the strong support of Hillsdale College and the wisdom of its experience in implementing the various programs of a liberal arts education. There are currently thirteen successful classical schools operating throughout the country that have been founded through the Barney Charter School Initiative.

Q: What is a “classical” curriculum?

A “classical” curriculum is the study of language and literature, history and government, mathematics and the sciences, music and art.  A classical curriculum is also taught using traditional teaching methods.

Q: What are traditional teaching methods?

A: Traditional teaching method consists of direct instruction (not student led group work) and the Socratic discussion (meaningful dialogue between the teacher and students).  Our Founding Fathers were trained using these methods.

Q:  In what other ways will your school will be “different”?

A:  Our curriculum, teaching style, and code of ethics will definitely set us apart, but those are just the beginning.  Please take the time to watch Dr. Terrence Moore, principal of Hillsdale’s classical charter academy in Atlanta, walk you through a day in the life of a classical school.  You are also welcome to visit LCA and observe our classrooms at any time.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment.