If you are interested in learning more about Livingston Classical Academy and would like to schedule a tour, where you can observe our teachers and classical curriculum in action, please call the office at 1(734) 839-6307.

March 10-March 24 will be open enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year.  Enrollment applications for grades K-10 can be submitted online here.  During these two weeks, if interest to enroll exceeds our student capactiy, LCA will hold a lottery, by grade.  Students who submit an enrollment application after March 24th, will not participate in the lottery, but will automatically be placed in a class, if spots are available, or added to a wait list for first-come-first-serve admission.

Current students will remain eligible to be re-enrolled at the school for successive years without having to re-enter the random selection process. However, the student will be asked to complete this Re-Enrollment Form by the end of the Open Enrollment Period showing intent to re-enroll for the subsequent school year. By providing the school with a “Returning” or “Undecided” decision, a seat will be held for the student. By providing the school with a “Not-returning” decision, a seat will NOT be held for the student. If a “Not-returning” has been submitted to the school and the student later wishes to re-enroll, a new application must be completed. In this event, no preference will be given to a student who wishes to reapply.